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Food Celebrity Halloween Costumes

If you don't have a costume for Halloween, here are some ideas: Food Marathon's suggestions of Super Mario Batali, Surgeon Gemeril, or Bobby Flayvor Flav.

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants You to Eliminate White Foods

Gwyenth Paltrow, in her latest email newsletter for her website GOOP, relays some advice from one of her three doctors (one in London, one in New York and one in Los Angeles) who have helped her "tremendously":
[T]ry eliminating “white” foods, those that are made with sugar, white flour and milk. If you eliminate them one [...]

Happy 44th Birthday, Frank Bruni

Happy 44th birthday, Frank Bruni!

The Zagats Aren't Worried, but Everyone Else Should Be

Well, at least the Zagats say there's nothing to be worried about. The internet was abuzz yesterday over Tim and Nina Zagat's editorial for the Wall Street Journal titled "People Still Have to Eat." But I think their reasoning is seriously flawed.
Admittedly, they've been at this a long time—the Zagat Survey dates back to 1971, [...]

Kids' Halloween Candy Code

Here's an awesome guide to the Kids' Halloween Candy Code, a modernized Hobo code, to identify what kind of treats were available:
Growing up in the Bowling Green neighborhood of Sacramento, I was taught how to read and mark houses with the Halloween Candy Code. For kids with an early curfew these codes were invaluable. Once [...]

'Re-Treat' Line of Body Care Products from Dylan's Candy Bar

Hey look, here's something newsworthy! Dylan's Candy Bar is releasing candy-flavored bath products!
Oh wait. This is completely not newsworthy at all.
Dylan Lauren does to candy what her dad did to collared knit shirts: slap on a label, mark it up 400%, and watch all the Lawn Guylanders lose their shit for it. This woman [...]

Saturday Night Live: Jon Hamm's John Ham [video]

From last week's Saturday Night Live: "Unlike other bathroom ham dispensers, Jon Hamm's John Ham has only the finest, Boar's Head oven-roasted ham."

Alain Allegretti on Molecular Gastronomy

Alain Allegretti, who was recently awarded two stars from the New York Times, was interviewed by Gothamist:
Different cuisines make the world great. I respect this kind of cuisine and I like it once in a while for fun, but that cuisine has no reference. If I give you ten kinds of mashed potatoes, you can [...]

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