Andrew Zimmern Teams Up With Pepto Bismol

No food company in their right minds would team up with Andrew Zimmern, the expert at eating weird foodstuffs — Would you want the face of your brand to be the guy who actively seeks out fermented testicles?

So, in a fitting match, Andrew Zimmern has paired up with Pepto Bismol, becoming their "international spokesman" and penning local and regional "Taste Adventure Guides" for the United States. The gist of the business relationship seems to be Zimmern's standard credo of "eat whatever the fuck you want," with the appended caveat of "as long as you have Pepto around":

For any taste escapade, the important keys are to plan ahead and leave your reservations at the door. Explore the unique tastes your city and others have to offer, and pack your Cherry Pepto, so you will feel secure enough to experience new things.

It makes complete sense, in a sad, twisted kind of way. I get the connection, really I do, but does Zimmern really want to be known for his gastrointestinal distress? What's next — Immodium? Prilosec? Intravenous antibiotics? Hemorrhoid cream?

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