Bacon Fights Mayo, Leads to Baconnaise

From the guys who brought all my vegan friends Bacon Salt, we now have Baconnaise. And it's going to be launched with ... well, not a bang. More like a squish:

This is an event you won't want to miss. We'll have free BLT's, $3 tequila and Mitch Morgan's (the drink that inspired Bacon Salt - Maker's Mark whiskey with a bacon garnish), and a no-holds barred wrestling match between a giant slice of bacon and a giant jar of mayonnaise. Undercards will include our intern Matt (who recently crashed my car and needs to pay) dressed as Bacon Boy vs. the Seattle Mudhens womens' rugby team, the Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling League's all-star wrestlers, and The Bacon Girls - all wrestling in a ring filled with 200 gallons of mayonnaise.

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