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Dan Barber, in the Huffington Post, when asked about recommendations for the next president, suggests that the "Alice Waters" "elitist" approach to food may only serve to alienate the red states:

I think there's a real opportunity to make these issues appeal to this wide swath of the American public which is to say, this issue about sustainability, about agriculture, however you want to frame this discussion, it's been in the corner of the Eastern elite. It's been this elitist issue that's more expensive. It's the Alice Waters. And that's the worst thing that could happen to this movement. Maybe for the beginning, that's the way it needed to happen? I don't know. But at this point, it's the worst thing because it's middle America, red states in general, that feel like, 'First of all, why are all these people in these metro reasons so hoity-toity about food? They don't even know a good damn thing about food and here I am raising their food.' When in fact, we're on the same side of the fence.

The line about Alice Waters was removed from the post. [via]

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