Excerpts From The Aerial Hunter's Cookbook

McSweeney's delivers a handy recipe for Côte de Wolf:

Take a single-engine plane (a crop duster will work) and fly around the mountains until you find some wolves. If you get to the coast and can see Russia, you've flown too far.

Buzz down low to the surface and scare the wolf pack with the noise from the aircraft. Pick out the weakest-looking wolf and chase it around until it's exhausted. Hit him with a few blasts from your shotgun until he's gone.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place wolf meat, vegetable oil, haricots verts, chervil, thyme, carrots, and shallots (locally grown) in a pan. Heat in oven until done.

Sauce the wolf with the wolf reduction. Serve.


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