Martha Stewart Confuses Herself With Julie Powell

Martha talks to the Detroit Free Press and totally confuses herself with Julie Powell of the Julie/Julia Project:

[Martha] Stewart suggested that people approach [her new book] "Cooking School" the way she did with Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking".

"I cooked every single recipe; now they're making a movie about what I did," said Stewart. "Julie & Julia," scheduled for an April 2009 release, is about a secretary who decides to restore her ambition by preparing all 524 recipes in the Child classic.

"Not only I did, many of my friends (did). We cooked every single thing in those two volumes of 'Julia Child'."

Julia Powell comments on that page: "OMG! I'm so glad she cleared that up! I'm so vain, I probably thought my book was about me!"

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