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Carl's Jr.'s Big Country Breakfast Burrito

Time for breakfast! Eggs, bacon, sausage, diced ham, cheddar cheese, hash browns, and a generous ladle of sausage gravy, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. 770 calories! Only $2.69! Bacon! [via]

Chow Complains About Whole Foods

Chow's complaints read like something out of White Whine. See #3: "Was it my imagination, or did Whole Foods used to give out free cheese samples?"


picture by chromewavesdotorg
Epi-Log declares that bacon has now officially jumped the shark.
In related news, pointing out that bacon has jumped the shark has now officially jumped the shark.
Also relatedly, Eat me daily will continue to cover bacon news as we see fit.

Grocery Store Shopping

The Amateur Gourmet on the Key Food across the street:
I'm not going to lie: I love the Key Food across the street. I know that's a guilty secret for a modern day food lover who reads Michael Pollan and has a desire for all peoples to support farmer's markets, to reject the industrialization of food. [...]

Landscape Made of Meat in Negroni Ad

Words can only do so much to describe this astounding landscape made of meat for Negroni, an Italian salami and cured meats manufacturer. See the full size here, the above image is cropped. [via]

Excerpts From The Aerial Hunter's Cookbook

McSweeney's delivers a handy recipe for Côte de Wolf:
Take a single-engine plane (a crop duster will work) and fly around the mountains until you find some wolves. If you get to the coast and can see Russia, you've flown too far.
Buzz down low to the surface and scare the wolf pack with the noise from [...]

Fernand Point's Ma Gastronomie

"There are many people who claim to be good cooks; just as there are many people who, after having repainted the garden gate, take themselves to be painters."
A new edition of Fernand Point's 1969 Ma Gastronomie is set to be re-released today (buy at Amazon). The cookbook/biography/hagiography, long out-of print, is one of the undisputed [...]

Brooklyn Farming, 1920

From the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s photo archive comes the “Gowanus Canal Children’s Garden, 1920." [via]

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