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Actual Nomming Sounds

From Cute Overload comes a vocal kitten:

Observation: Katie Lee Joel Just Might Be a Moron

Katie Lee Joel has been named the first food editor of Cosmo, and the elfin trophy wife has this to say:
"I'm so excited. When the magazine first started, they never would have had something about food, about women being in the kitchen. But we can have it all!"
We sure can, Katie Lee! Like, remember when [...]

Pyramid Lunch Box

The Nutrition Pyramid Lunch Box's goal is to help you be healthy:
You probably know the nutrition pyramid, but not always follow it. Here comes a “templates”, the nutrition pyramid lunch box, it reminds you, guides you, to be healthier.

Time Out New York's Kitchen Report 2008

40 chefs anonymously responded to Time Out's survey for their 2008 Kitchen Report. There's lots of trash talk, Chang-hating, and dirty words! Some excerpts:
How often do you post comments on blogs and food-related message boards?
71% said never. However, a few chefs admitted to the occasional glance (and deep thought): “I do read them to watch [...]

The 'Hardcore Meat Photography' Group on Flickr

German sausage by rdbeerd
There are so many weird and silly groups on Flickr, but the Hardcore Meat Photography definitely caught my eye. [via]

Impressive Beer Carry

From a Japanese television show comes an impressive feat: carrying twenty beers.

Andrew Zimmern Teams Up With Pepto Bismol

No food company in their right minds would team up with Andrew Zimmern, the expert at eating weird foodstuffs — Would you want the face of your brand to be the guy who actively seeks out fermented testicles?
So, in a fitting match, Andrew Zimmern has paired up with Pepto Bismol, becoming their "international [...]

Jonathon Gold on Seoul’s Noryangjin Marine Products Market

Jonathon Gold delivers his first piece for Gourmet on Seoul’s Noryangjin Marine Products Market:
A yawning structure in central Seoul, as large as several football stadiums laid end to end, it’s crammed snout-to-elbow with exotic sea creatures from every conceivable aquatic locale: acres of stingrays aligned precisely as roof tiles; gilt lengths of ribbonfish; regiments of [...]

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