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Music Videos from MTV [video]

MTV launched their MTV Music website, and there are a ton of (nominally) food-related video, from Weird Al Yankovic's I Love Rocky Road and Eat it, to Blur's Coffee & TV, Hall & Oates' Maneater, and Duran Duran's Hungry Like Wolf.
Here's the video "Know Your Chicken" by Cibo Matto:

Slate Takes the Fun Out of Halloween

Following hot on HuffPo's heels of taking the fun out of Halloween with a "green" theme, Slate has its own ideas on how to make Halloween a lot less fun, including the gem, "Give out one candy per trick-or-treater instead of three."

All Michael Bauer Wants Is Some Salt on the Table

Is that too much to ask?
For one, it smacks of arrogance on the part of the chef. This implies that the chef knows what's best, and the customer should accept it. It also subtly implies the chef doesn't care if diners are pleased.

Shine On, You Crazy ShinyCat

Well thank god it's in sauce.


Mimi Sheraton on French Food

Mimi Sheraton, writing for the Guardian UK, asks if the death of French cuisine been greatly exaggerated:
Ever since the culinary triumphs of Ferran Adrià et al in Spain, we have been reading critics' assessments that the culinary torch has been passed to Spain. France, we are told in glittering hyperbole, doesn't even begin to stack [...]

Bacon Man from Bacon Fest 2008 [Food Art]

Bacon Man by NetDiva
Bacon Today has an interview with NetDiva about her Bacon Man construction for the annual Bacon Fest, an "exciting potluck/party where all guests must contribute something with bacon" drawing "around one hundred people this year, mostly from the San Francisco Burning Man community."
BaconMan was made from around 80 bamboo skewers, 60 hot [...]

McDonald's to Phase Out the Double Cheeseburger From the Dollar Menu

We were warned that this might happen all the way back in August, and now the time has finally come: McDonald's is moving to phase the Double Cheeseburger off the dollar menu.
The Oak Brook-based fast food giant confirmed Tuesday that it is asking franchise leaders to support the new sandwich, to be called the [...]

El Bulli Plans Ahead

There's not much improvisation at El Bulli when it comes to family meal, reports Gourmet:
The word that comes to mind is “obsession” when I learn that already—this is only September, 2008—the menu for every single staff meal to be served during El Bulli’s six-month season in 2009 has been planned.

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