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Pepsi White: Limited-Edition Yogurt-Flavored Pepsi

Japan-only. Apparently it tastes sweet. [via]

Andrew Carmellini on the Kids These Days

Andrew Carmellini bemoans the change in mentality of young cooks in an interview with Gothamist:
I spoke at the CIA graduation a couple of years ago and had the opportunity to meet a lot of the graduates. I was asking everybody about their post-graduation plans and I was getting responses like, Oh, I’m going to be [...]

Ruth Reichl on Food Culture

Ruth Reichl, in an interview with The Huffington Post, hopes that the next president will have a chef who puts a garden in the White House. On her tenure at Gourmet and the changing of American food awareness, she says:
I would say food in America has changed more in the last ten years than it [...]

McCain's Rejected Robo-Call Scripts from McSweeney's

McSweeney's with the funny:
"Hello. I'm calling for John McCain and the RNC because you need to know that Barack Obama always Super-Sizes at McDonald's but then orders—get this—a Diet Coke. Who do you think you're kidding, Barack? Cutting calories in one part of your meal doesn't cut the calories for all of it. Just like [...]

Joe Bastianich, Training for the New York City Marathon

Joe Bastianich is down 45 pounds in prepping for the New York City Marathon, the New York Times reports:
“Before, food and wine were the dominating things in my life,” said Bastianich, who decided to delay his 40th birthday party until after the marathon. “You do all that, and you never worried about the effects because [...]

Frankenfood: Purple Tomatoes

Lest you thought scientists gave up splicing genes from one thing to another, here come purple tomatoes, engineered to maybe ward off cancer:
The tomato is purple because it contains the same class of health-promoting pigments found in blueberries, blackberries and cranberries. The pigments are thought to ward off some of the most serious diseases associated [...]

'American Cheese' by Esteban Pulido [Food Art]

The trend of presidential cookies and cereal boxes and what-not couldn't end sooner. But this artwork, American Cheese by Esteban Pulido, could have some better uses beyond trendy political foodstuffs. Photo-printing onto food: "Slices of American cheese with liquid photo sensitive emulsion processed in a darkroom with traditional black and white photography chemicals." American Cheese [...]

Whole Foods' Take on the Chicago Dog [video]

Whole Foods has made a video to teach us all how to make a perfect Chicago-style hot dog. The rules of the Chicago dog are as strictly regimented as Italian DOC pizza regulations, and yet in this video the good folks at Whole Foods sub in banana peppers for the non-negotiable sport peppers. Why? Because [...]

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