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Shrimp and Broccoli, McSteamed?

Quick, name the ways you can incorporate freshly-steamed shrimp and broccoli into a fast-food hamburger!
McDonald’s Corp. is in the early stages of testing a steamer that could cook shrimp, broccoli and oatmeal, according to an analyst... Mr. Kron says the steamer could also cook scrambled eggs in 10 seconds.
They're also testing out a deep-fryer that [...]

I Can Has Chainburger? from LOL Arts Show and Auction [Food Art]

Check out the papier-mâché art piece I Can Has Chainburger? by Emily Cox, a 17-year-old senior at Harrison High School in West Lafayette, Indiana. From the LOL Arts show benefiting adult literacy. Brilliant, post-modern, anti-consumerist, no-logo, kitten-inspired agit-prop. Awesomeness. [via and via]

The Cost of Pepsi Changing its Logo

Ad Age quotes an "expert" on how much it might cost for Pepsi to change its logo:
The real cost, said an expert, is in removing the old logo everywhere it appears and putting new material up. For Coke or Pepsi, when you add up all the trucks, vending machines, stadium signage, point-of-sale materials and more [...]

Warming Trend

My pick for winner of Jay Tierney's challenge to update Ogden Nash's famous poem, in light of the news that "you’re more likely to think warmly of someone else if you’re holding something warm in your hand like a mug of coffee or tea."
No less so.

Meat Art Gallery Show: 'Meat After Meat Joy' [food art]

Hommage a Meret Oppenheim, Betty Hirst. Photograph: Eat Me Daily
Meat After Meat Joy is a group exhibition of contemporary artists who use meat in their work, currently running at the Daneyal Mahmood Gallery in New York City. Curated by Heide Hatry, the show's title refers Carolee Schneemann’s performance/happening Meat Joy (1964, embedded below), itself projected [...]

Banksy's 'Tesco Value Tomato Soup' Sells for £140,000

Bansky's painting Tesco Value Tomato Soup sold at auction for £140,000, or around $220,000 US.

Animal / Vegetable Graphics in the New York Times

No credit given to the artist or graphic designer, but I loved these graphics that went along with the story on Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, and his role in pushing Proposition 2 in California.

Wassup 2008 [video]

The original cast from the Budweiser commercials is reunited, eight years later (original here). Dark, poignant stuff: one is "still in Iraq, watchin my ass," one is unemployed and has lost his house, one has disabling health problems and broke, and the other is driven to suicide by the tanking stock market. Even Hurricane Katrina [...]

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