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De-Starbucksification of New York City

A New York Times piece on the recent wave of independent gourmet coffee shops opening all over New York City:
“What you see going on now is a de- Starbuckification, if you will,” said Suzanne Wasserman, a food historian who is director of the Gotham Center for New York City History. “People are yearning for authenticity.”
On [...]

Vin de Merde

BBC News has a video on "Vin de Merde," aka "crap wine," a branding / marketing / publicity stunt by winemakers in France's Languedoc region. And it worked! It's sold out.

Terrified Corn Cobs [video]

What scares the crap out of corn cobs?

Radar and Food

Radar folded and radaronline got bought by AMI. The only thing I remember about Radar was it breaking the news that Butterfish (aka Escolar) causes anal leakage. Ah, memories.

Things I Read Today

A reporter becomes a naked sushi model for Vanity Fair and everyone was like, oooh, sexy. [link]
LA Weekly critic Jonathon Gold is going to write for Gourmet, and everyone was like, oooh, journalism. [link]
The LA Times runs a story on the faltering economy and its impact on restaurants, and everyone was like, oh crap. [link]
David [...]

This Is What It's Coming to


Bananas Glow Blue Under Blacklight

You can tell a banana is ripe because it's bright yellow, right? Or you could use a black light and see if they're blue:
scientists were amazed to find that ripe bananas glowed blue under UV light (you have to wonder if someone accidently threw a banana peel under a UV light, or if they screened [...]

Liquid Assets

Screw the rest of the market. The World Whisky Index, an online trade system for fancy-pants single-malt whiskies, has had an average return of 26.2 percent over the last year.

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