Ruth Reichl on Food Culture

Ruth Reichl, in an interview with The Huffington Post, hopes that the next president will have a chef who puts a garden in the White House. On her tenure at Gourmet and the changing of American food awareness, she says:

I would say food in America has changed more in the last ten years than it changed in all of its previous history. It has been an extraordinary time for food and for someone like me, who has been writing about food my whole life, starting out at a time when no body cared. I wrote a cookbook when I was 21, before the cookbook revolution. For years there was this little tiny group of us who cared about food.

...The politics and the sociology of food have come to the forefront of America, these things that people weren't interested in. When I came here, I said to my publisher, 'We're going to start writing about the politics of food. We're going to start writing about where our food comes from.' My first publisher said, 'Nobody buys Gourmet to read about these things. Your readers are going to go away in droves.' That couldn't have been more wrong.


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