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Andy Rooney Steals Rolls from Restaurants [video]

Andy Rooney's editorial on this week's 60 Minutes was called "Andy Knows How to Save," where he shares his strategies on how to save money, including making his own coffee, sometimes wearing his shirts three days before getting them laundered, and stealing rolls from restaurants:
When I go to a good restaurant here in New York [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

Photograph from Life magazine
Happy Thanksgiving from the staff at Eat me daily. Stay out of the malls and, more importantly, stay out of trouble. We're spending our holiday far, far away from our computers, but we'll see you back here bright and early Monday morning.

Rachael Ray Having Vocal Cord Surgery

Here's some holiday cheer for you and the kids. People reports that Rachael Ray, the grotesquely perky boil on the face of food media [Hey, I kind of like her. –Ed.] will be having vocal cord surgery in December:
Though talking is big part of her job, Ray isn't worried about the surgery. "A lot of [...]

Science Supersized Your Turkey Dinner

Wired runs a piece on the scientific modification of our Thanksgiving dinner, focusing on the sugar levels of corn and the size of turkeys:
Most everything on your plate has undergone tremendous genetic change under the intense selective pressures of industrial farming. Pilgrims and American Indians ate foods called corn and turkey, but the actual organisms [...]

Marco Canora on Calming Down

From an interview with Marco Canora from the Huffington Post:
I remember early on at Craft, during a very busy night, I was screaming and yelling and carrying on like a maniac. I didnt realize that Tom [Colicchio] had walked in, and I think he was a little taken aback by my behavior. Later on that [...]

Taking the Fun Out of Thanksgiving: Vegetarian Main Course Imitation Meat [sadness]

We understand if you're a vegetarian, but seriously, you're better off just making and eating a bunch of awesome sides than eating imitation meat on Thanksgiving. So begins our roundup of vegetarian Thanksgiving main course sadness:
Field Roast Stuffed Celebration Roast

The Field Roast Stuffed Celebration Roast, a "charcuterie styled stuffed grain meat roast with a sausage [...]

A Hamburger Today Visits Pat La Frieda Wholesale Meats

Nick Solares from A Hamburger Today pays a visit to Pat La Frieda Wholesale Meats, supplier of the beef that makes "some of the city's most celebrated burgers."

Mario Batali Smells Claudia Bassols' Feet [video]

Spain... on the Road Again has its moments: Mark Bittman and Claudia Bassols went shopping with Mario Batali's credit card, and bought some shoes:
Claudia Bassols, showing off her shoes: "Do you like my foot better, or the pig's foot?"
Mario Batali: "I'd love to look at this one all day, but I'd rather eat a pig's [...]

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