20-course, $1500 Dinner by Keller and Achatz [update]

Pete Wells reports on an insane dinner by Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz:

Columbus Circle will be the center of the culinary universe for a few hours tonight as two of the country’s most acclaimed chefs—those without my Timesian fear of hyperbole might just go ahead and say “the country’s two most acclaimed chefs”—collaborate on a 20-course, $1500 dinner at Per Se.

Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz are the chefs in question, and tonight’s meal is the first of three they will be cooking side by side. The next will take place on Dec. 2 at Mr. Achatz’s home field, Alinea in Chicago; Mr. Keller gets home-court advantage for the final meal on Dec. 9 at the French Laundry in Yountville, Calif.

I’ll be in the kitchen at Per Se tonight, watching each man construct half the meal. They’re alternating courses: ten from Mr. Keller, ten from Mr. Achatz. I’ll post the menu here later today and will describe the kitchen scene tomorrow.

Update: Diner's Journal has the menu.

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