Bar and Lounge at the Home House in London, Designed by Zaha Hadid

The New York Times' The Moment blog has a writeup on the Zaha Hadid-designed bar and lounge at the Home House, a private members club in London, England. Since it's a private club, you’ll need to be invited by a member, or become one for a paltry $2,250 a year.

The architect Zaha Hadid, who doesn't drink, in her own words:

We wanted to create an environment where the bar completely dominates the space. Using a dynamic vertical gesture of fluidity, we were able generate an exciting dichotomy with the Cartesian arrangement of the Georgian space. As with our architecture, where have created inhabited structure, members and guests occupy the bar at Home House instead of simply standing in front of it. They become part of the experience.

The Moment notes that form may not exactly follow function, since "the sensuously curved lines of the edge of the bar can make it hard to find a flat place to rest the glass."

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