Barack Obama Makes Tuna Salad, Talks Food [video]

HuffPo posted a video from 60 Minutes, where early in Barack Obama's candidacy, Steve Kroft paid a visit to the Obama household. Obama's cooking included tuna salad, chili, "cheese toast" and as Michelle Obama said, "occassionally he'll make an omelet for breakfast." Obama on his own culinary background:

You know, as a bachelor, the truth is, before I met Michelle I did quite a bit of cooking. I had an Indian roommate for a while, so I learned how to make Indian food. Since I grew up in Hawaii where there's a lot of Asian influence, so I learned how to cook Chinese food. But I just don't have enough time. Also, the stuff I make is a little too spicy for these guys... it's not as if we've got real sophisticated palates in this household.

Most awesome is that we get to see Barack Obama make tuna salad.

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