Belly Dragging for Pizza on The Sarah Silverman Program [video]

The Sarah Silverman Program is on fire! Not only did the latest episode include Sarah's housekeeper doing a Chris Farley/SNL/Matt Foley impression, a Mario Kart-esque go-kart race to decide who gets to adopt Sarah's baby, Andy Richter as a potential adoptive parent, but the episode featured Dick Van Dyke as an obstetrician who had his face melted off when delivering Sarah's stop-motion animated demon spawn.


Steve and Brian threw their backs out in the bathroom (for reasons I don't want to get into). And they're hungry. And there's a pizza in the other room.

After the jump, by far, the finest belly dragging for pizza scene in the history of television.

Belly Dragging for Pizza

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If we don't eat soon, we're gonna die here like two gay Elvises.
There's some left over pizza from the other night on the coffee table. Think we can get out there with our backs all wrecked?
No, but I don't want to die on our near the toilet.
Maybe if we scoot on our bellies.
Brian, I'm afraid.
I'm afraid too, but we gotta try.
It's impossible!
No Steve, it's improbable. Now on your belly soldier!

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