Burger King's DIY T-Shirts Are Hack-Proof

Here's a little insight into how my mind works: When I read about the DIY Burger King tshirts at BurgerKing Studio, my first thought was how awesome it would be to get in there and make some sample shirts that said MEAT IS MURDER and DOWN WITH THE KING and BOOGER KING, stuff like that.

But you know what? I can't. BK has apparently learned a lesson from those who came before: Putting user-permutatable words and letters in the hands of the entire Internet is never really a good idea for your brand. So they only offer some faux-hipsterish BK-related graphics, and some decorative elements like lightning bolts, stars, and ink splotches.

I tried to use the elements in some humorously juxtaposed way (The King taking it from a lightning bolt?) but was thwarted even in that, since you're restricted to six. So instead I made this Miro-meets-Ralph-Steadman-meets-the-PBS-logo sort of profile dude:

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