Canstruction New York City 2008 [can scupltures, food art]

Dog-Gone eCANomic Crisis, by Desimone, 4,032 cans

Canstruction is an international charity competition that opened last Thursday at the Winter Garden and Courtyard Gallery of the World Financial Center, featuring giant structures built entirely out of cans of food. Top architectural and engineering firms in over 100 cities across North America participate in Canstruction, collecting millions of pounds of food for local food banks — the New York City show features local architectural and engineering talent. At the close of the competition, all of the food from the show will be donated to City Harvest.

These can sculptures are finicky beasts — sensitive to gravity, sometimes small sections collapse, needing to be reassembled. And it turns out that a can sculpture of Marilyn Monroe completely collapsed, so sadly, there's only a photograph of it. So hurry before any more collapse!

Canstruction (website)
220 Vesey Street, Manhattan, New York City
22 structures located in the Winter Garden will be on view from November 20 – December 2, from 7am – 11pm.
18 structures located in the Courtyard Gallery will be on view from November 20 – December 8, 9am – 5pm.
The public is invited to bring a can of food to donate to City Harvest.

Thanks, Emily!

New York Doughnut

DunCAN Donate, by LERA, 3,241 cans


The Seafarer, by Platt Byard Dovell White, 3,000 cans

Food Blogging!

Focus on Hunger, by AKF, 4,200 cans


CANda Hunger End? by Gensler, 5,257 cans

Panda, alternate view

CANda Hunger End? by Gensler, 5,257 cans

More can art in the gallery:

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