Eater Suspends Deathwatch [update]

Eater says:

[W]e haven't seen times as bad as these, if evidenced only by prime time spot checks across town, in the restaurant business in many years. Notable restaurateurs are seeing funding for new projects dry up, the most seasoned guys in town are preparing to close underperformers, and instances of vendor check bouncing are skyrocketing. Good times, no? Eh, no, not really.

How the Deathwatch factors in here: we've called an emergency meeting of the Deathwatch Committee and have moved to suspend the Deathwatch until further notice (but absolutely not, no way no how, settle down haters, permanently).

In its place, Eater will launch a feature called Rally Cry, "which has you nominating restaurants we then collectively try to save."

Update: Frank Bruni chimes in on Eater's shift from Deathwatching to Rally Cry, saying it's "like Freddy Krueger morphing into Florence Nightingale."

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