Food Video Game Mega Roundup Post

I'm not going to waste my time (or yours) making separate posts for all of these games. So here's a mega roundup of recently- and soon-to-be- released video games that are all based around food. Exciting!

1. What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver (Nintendo DS) (official website)

"What's Cooking? Jamie Oliver is a fun and interactive cooking game featuring a whole book's worth of Jamie's fantastic recipes... Follow the recipes in one of the virtual kitchens, or with real ingredients in your own home."

The SF Gate's review: "The best application of What's Cooking may lie outside the kitchen. Browsing through recipes on the way home (you can sort by type or ingredient) may trigger brainstorming for your next meal." Mini-games! Mobile shopping lists! Cute Jamie Oliver catchphrases! Pukka!

2. Top Chef the Game (Mac/PC) (official website)

"Take on the role of a contestant in Top Chef the Game, compete against a line-up of tough and talented chefs, and have your dishes judged by the Host Padma Lakshmi and Head Judge Tom Colicchio."

The Kitchn's review: "More experienced cooks may find the limited ingredient choices frustrating (or perhaps enjoy the challenge), but diehard fans will most likely get a kick out of the game regardless."

OK. I have to say this: A cookbook is one thing, but the owners of the Top Chef are not being good stewards — it's a strong brand and they're not doing it any good by slapping the name on something that looks like total shovelware.

3. Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam (WiiWare)

Released November 11, 2008. Joystiq's review was not kind: "Here are just a few names for a game better than Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam. (1) Stalin's Underage Keg Stand Downhill Huckjam. (2) Making Stuff Sticky 2: The Stickying. (3) Imagine Tax Adjusterz."

4. Mart Racer (WiiWare) (unreleased, no official website)

Soon to be released, Mart Racer, a game by JoJu Games looks like a sort of a Supermarket Sweep but with plungers. For real? Supports four players, even online gameplay. Graphics seem... rudimentary. Video here.

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