Fraser Lewry's Animal Alphabet, Completed

A long time coming! Back in October 2007, Fraser Lewry, in the Guardian UK, started eating the alphabet, from A through Z. Every couple of weeks, he'd pick an animal, alphabetically, and then cook it, providing some background and even a recipe. What did he cook for the letter Z? Zebra Wellington:

People often come up to me and ask what my favourite animal is. "Hey!", they'll say. "What's your favourite animal?". And I tell them: it's the penguin. Invariably, they'll ask if I've ever eaten penguin, because that's the kind of reputation I've developed...

It gets worse. Sometimes I invite friends round for dinner, and invariably they'll respond with near-palpable fear: "you're not going to cook anything, you know... weird, are you?" I'll confirm that my intentions are honourable, that'll I'll be making, say, a good old-fashioned beef wellington, probably with some nice roast vegetables, and at this point they'll generally breathe a sigh of relief and accept.

And then I'll cook zebra. Haha!

The entire list: Ants in Quicksand. Blesbok Tartare. Crocodile gumbo. Dog soup. (No dogs were hurt or cooked or eaten.) Eland Jerky. Frog. Flounder & Fontina Fishcake. Goose Ham. Hareballs. Impala Impaled. Jellyfish Salad. Krill Fried Rice. Locusts. Moose Mousse. Nile Perch. Octopus and Ostrich. Multiple P-P-P Pie. Quail Quiche. Rabbit liver bruschetta. Snail Porridge. Turkey Twizzler. Urchin gonad linguine. Veal marrowbones. Whitebait fritter. Xangô Magro Wonton Wrap. Yak stir-fry. Zebra Wellington.


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