Gastro Chatter: A Coming Out Party

Holy crap. This thread, New Generation of Foodies, on Serious Eats. Short version: Help, my friends don't get me because I'm a self-professed "foodie."

All spelling and grammar [sic]:

So Ive been a foodie my whole life but only in the last year have I really embraced it and declared it outwardly as a passion. Since then Ive taken notice that a majority of the foodies I meet are female and older (Im a 22 male). All of my friends think a good night out is chicken fingers at applebee's and more than a few late night drinks. I on the other hand am trying to organize pot lucks, cooking challenges, or outings to various restaurant weeks, but i am continuously mocked by my culinary challenged friends. So really what I want to know is, are foodies a dying breed or is there a new strong generation growing in the ranks with me?

The replies continue in the same vein. Just replace "foodie" with, say, "furry" and the entire thing reads like a fetish coming-out thread. [Speak for yourself. –Ed.]

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