Gizmodo on Pizza and Technology

On the news that you can order a pizza from Dominos with your Tivo and that Papa John's will give you a free pizza if you become a fan of theirs on Facebook, Gizmodo, recognizing that it's a "pretty good time right now as far as zero-human-interaction, chainstore-pizzeria-to-mouth-in-shortest-time-possible pizza acquisition systems," calls for the "one true internet pizza ordering app framework":

So it is you, major pizza chains, that I address. Embrace our software-is-king future. Open up an API into your respective ordering systems, or better yet, tie them together into one magical mozzarella, tomato and dough delivery web framework. And after that's all set up, encourage the use of this API by manufacturers which will soon, in turn, make everything an application platform in order to respond to this exploding demand for pizza ordered from the couch.

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