Heston Blumenthal on Cooking an Entire Pig Sous-Vide

Heston Blumenthal, profiled in the Telegraph UK, shares his technique for cooking an entire pig sous-vide — using a hot tub:

For Feast, a forthcoming series due on Channel 4 early next year, Heston interprets historical banquets and cooks an entire pig in a sous-vide.

“We couldn’t find a water bath big enough so we went to a hot-tub warehouse,” he says. “We took the limiters off so it went up to 62C and we cooked it at this temperature for a day and a half. Then we spit-roasted it, cranking the heat up so it got the browning. It was the best pig that I ever tasted.”

Update: We posted the entire video of Heston Blumenthal cooking a pig sous vide.

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