While House Across the Street is on Fire, Slashfood Writer Thinks About Food

A recent post on Slashfood asks "What's the best food for a late-night bonfire?"

But it turns out that by "late-night bonfire," Monika Bartyzel means "the house across the street is on fire":

... I go outside, and the abandoned house across the street is a-flame. There's a nice toasty smoke haze to the air, and the sidewalks are littered with late-night passerby and robe-clad residents.
Being a foodie, that quickly stirred up thoughts bonfire-worthy snacks.

That might be the difference between me and a foodie. A foodie sees a fire and thinks "bonfire-worthy snacks!" Whereas I see a fire and I think OH MY GOD SOMETHING IS ON FIRE.

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