McDonald's Celebrates Chicken McNuggets with 'Nuggnuts' Site

So here's a fact I was unaware of: I'm older than Chicken McNuggets. Apparently in 2008 the nuggets are celebrating their 25th birthday. McDonald's has seen fit to capitalize on this milestone achievement in the history of fried chicken-bits by launching a celebratory website. is completely baffling. It's billing itself as an "online fan community," but there's no community here by any stretch of the imagination. There's a 5-person hall of fame, a "nuggnut pledge," a link to a store with three items (none of which will ship until at least three week after orders close at the end of December), and — is this the community part? — a link to a Facebook group.

The centerpiece of the whole thing is the "Nuggnut Hall of Fame," a collection of such luminaries as The Guy Who Started A Chicken Nuggets Facebook Group and The Guy Who Invented A Way To Fry Nuggets More Easily. If you want, you can even nominate yourself for the hall of fame.

Then there's the "nuggnut pledge," where we're invited to speak aloud some words that scroll on our screen. Words that, I would like to note, scroll significantly more slowly than I can read them, leading to some serious frustration. The closing notion of the nuggnut pledge is something along the lines of "I will talk about McNuggets all the time, not even caring that it makes me sound like a paid spokesman."

I'll readily admit that I'm probably the first person in line whenever McD's switches over to the 6-piece-for-a-dollar special, but for real? Nuggnut? That is an awful, awful sounding word. They can't do any better than that?

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