Michael Laiskonis' Thanksgiving Strategy

Gourmet runs a story where Michael Laiskonis shares his "nontraditional" approach to Thanksgiving: he takes off the Wednesday before to roam the city and shop for food:

In the past few years I’ve developed a ritual that might scare the stuffing out of a Thanksgiving traditionalist: I not only do all my shopping the day before, but I wait until then to plan the entire meal, letting New York City’s shops and markets guide me... The secret is to focus more on ethnic dishes and fresh produce than on the usual Thanksgiving staples.

He travels from Chinatown (to Bangkok Grocery for Thai spices and condiments, and hitting street vendors and stores for "a handful of chestnuts, some fruit, and likely a duck and some fresh whole prawns"), to Little Italy ("perhaps I’ll find a few sausages and cured meats, maybe some fresh pasta dough"), to the Union Square Greenmarket (it "tells us what we should be cooking at any given time of year") to Kalustyan’s (the specialty food shop) and finally Katagiri (a Japanese market). He continues:

Eventually I’m done. My one Thanksgiving rule is that no matter how many markets in the neighborhood might remain open, I don’t venture out on Thursday.

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