Michael Schlow on Nightline: Cooks Burger, Bans Swearing [video]

Nightline continues their "Platelist" series with James Beard-award winning Boston chef Michael Schlow. The story online has a writeup about his background: "Originally from Brooklyn, N.Y., Schlow gave up a baseball scholarship and a 92-mile-per-hour fastball for a place at the Academy of Culinary Arts in New Jersey," and describes his anti-cursing rule, where he fines his employees a dollar every time they swear:

"Growing up in the Northeast, it's the most sarcastic place in the world; and I think a lot of us think, if we ain't cursing, we're not funny," he said. "Take curse words out of your daily language and all of a sudden, it's kind of silent in my kitchen."

To enforce the new rule, Schlow collected $1 for every time someone cursed.

"The deal is, you can curse in the office if you're ranting and raving about somebody, and you can also curse if you hurt yourself. Pot drops on your head, you're allowed to curse, fair enough," he said. "The first year, I collect $1,200. I end up throwing a giant barbeque for the kitchen staff with their own money."

In the video after the jump, he shows the technique for his Schlow Burger, the winner of the 2008 South Beach Wine & Food Burger Bash: five-six minutes on the grill, seven minutes in a 300 degree oven, American cheese, horseradish black pepper sauce, and a tower of crispy onions.

Michael Schlow on Nightline

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Michael Schlow interviewed at the Eater Lounge

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