Minus 5 Ice Lounge in Las Vegas

Elvis made of ice at Minus 5 in Las Vegas

The LA Times visits Minus 5, an ice lounge, in Las Vegas, where, for comfort and safety, guests are allowed only a 30-minute visit:

OK, so here is the part where I do something that is really stupid. Not drinking seems to have been key to the problem. The hostess felt I needed to lick something-- since I was not having a drink --to test the zero humidity, making sure my tongue wouldn't stick. There were ice-sculpture decorations, and I was urged to lick an Elvis. Then, for some reason, I let the Minus 5 employee persuade me to lick the wall. It was a quick lick; that is the best I can say for myself. And my idiocy was rewarded with her telling me: "Carrot Top licked the wall at the same spot. I have photos of him. Do you want to see them?"

No, I did not want to see them.

It's a new franchise of a chain of ice lounges, two in Australia, two in New Zealand, and one in Spain. [via]

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