New Iron Chef America Jackets / Uniforms, Designed by Mark Ecko [video]

The new Iron Chef America jackets.

Last night's Iron Chef America Battle Turkey episode featured the unveiling of new chef's jackets designed by Mark Ecko. Casting aside the universally disliked blue denim jackets, all the Iron Chefs now have completely individualized jackets, featuring epaulets, gold buttons, and fancy patches.

Details of the new jackets. The Chairman approves.

According to Ecko, "The challenge was with all of these Iron Chefs, we didn't want to make anything overly stagey, overly uniform, overly costume." And it seems like the Iron Chefs approve, with Michael Symon saying, "I don't think they're going to help my cooking skills at all, but it's always nice to look good." Bobby Flay thinks the new quasi-military look "gives us a little more street cred."

New Iron Chef America Jackets, Introduction

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New Iron Chef America Jackets, Details

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