New York Chocolate Show, by the Numbers

Photograph by key_lime_pie

The 2008 New York Chocolate Show:

Number of vendors: 53
Number of non-chocolate vendors: 8
Number of chocolate vendors not giving out free samples: 3
Number of vendors with every employee wearing tall chef toques: 1
Rank of Divalicious Chocolate's fountains among all New York chocolate fountain providers: 1
Tiers on Divalicious Chocolate tallest chocolate fountain: 5
Cost, in dollars, for a marshmallow to dip into a Divalicious Chocolate fountain: 3
Number of vendors selling chocolate with cayenne: a million
Number of vendors selling chocolate with pop-rocks: a handful
Number of vendors selling chocolate with pop-rocks and cayenne: 1
Number of vendors selling chocolate with bacon: 1
Pieces of chocolate-covered bacon left at Roni-Sue's booth at noon on Saturday: 0
Amount she blames the New York Times: 50% ("People want it anyway.")
Amount she blames Kenny Shopsin: 50% ("He's the one who controls our bacon supply. I can't get more!")

Tastings NYC by the Numbers

Tastings NYC was also happening right next to the chocolate show:

Number of wines in the Tastings NYC area: like, seven hundred
Number that were not gross: 0
Number of gourmet luxury water bars: 1
Number of gourmet luxury waters available to be sampled: 15
How completely hammered a person could get if he or she systematically worked the room: mortally
Number of restaurants represented at Tastings NYC: 30
Percentage of those that I'd never heard of: 66
Amount the TastingsNYC website makes my ears bleed: infinite
Amount the website makes my eyes hurt: also infinite

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