One Sheep One Voice - by NOT BAAA-NKSY

Stencil / spray paint art by STOT21stCplanB that's "signed and numbered on the back by the real artists and come's with a Fake Pest Control Certificate of Authenticity certifying it as an authentic NOT BANKSY." Was £35.00 on, but sold out.

From the website:

It seems that there's still some confusion as to whether Banksy is really involved in this shoddy attention seeking stunt and desperate attempt to cash-in on such a fine talent.

However, the STOT21stCplanB chaps insist that Banksy has nothing to do with this and that it really is their very own idea devised to annoy people who admire the great master... and/or give them something to chuckle about.

So... to make it quite clear that these are by NOT BANKSY and NOT by BANKSY, the new stencil works come with original fake Pest Control Certificates of Authenticity declaring them to be authentic NOT BANKSY artworks and are NOT by BANKSY at all.

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