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Screw the Turducken, Have a Lampgeefison

Patrick Borrelli weighs in on the Thanksgiving classics:
As for turduckens, no, I have not had one. I have had the lesser known lampigeefison, which is Lamb+Pig+Beef+Venison. It’s an absolutely beautiful looking dish. This is going to sound like I’m joking, but I’m not. When you put a lampigeefison in the oven it looks like an [...]

Canstruction New York City 2008 [can scupltures, food art]

Dog-Gone eCANomic Crisis, by Desimone, 4,032 cans
Canstruction is an international charity competition that opened last Thursday at the Winter Garden and Courtyard Gallery of the World Financial Center, featuring giant structures built entirely out of cans of food. Top architectural and engineering firms in over 100 cities across North America participate in Canstruction, collecting millions [...]

Produce Pete with Steve Carell: Thanksgiving

Deep-Frying Turkeys, Ten at a Time

Beer and Nosh, deep-frying ten turkeys at a time:
All of the turkeys are injected with spices, then fried for about 55 minutes. They had just come out of the fryer and you could hear the skin still crackling on the street.
Fun Fact: it takes over fifty gallons of peanut oil to fry ten [...]

Michael Laiskonis on Professional Cooking and 'Sacrifice at the Highest Level'

Pastry chef of Le Bernardin, Michael Laiskonis, writes about replying to emails, letters, and phone calls asking for advice ("I happily participate in these exchanges"), his history ("I credit where I am now in large part to sheer luck"), and on the "harsh realities of professional cooking":
You don't need a sage to tell you that [...]

Styrofoam Cups in Thomas Keller's Under Pressure [shocker]

From left: Corey Lee, chef du cuisine of the French Laundry, Jonathan Benno, chef de cuisine of per se, Thomas Keller
Flipping through Thomas Keller's Under Pressure (buy at Amazon), we couldn't help but notice the photograph on page 17 of a meeting between Corey Lee, Jonathan Benno, and Thomas Keller — there are two styrofoam [...]

Chris Cosentino's Insanely Graphic Turkey Slaughter Photo Gallery

Chris Cosentino posts an insanely graphic photo gallery of a turkey slaughter:
Every year for Thanksgiving people are getting ready to sit down to eat turkey. Today I was able for the second year in a row, help with the 4-H heritage breed turkey slaughter. What an amazing experience, this was attended by full families young [...]

Grocery Eats on the Popeye's Chicken Biscuit

Grocery Eats does not have nice things to say about the Popeye's Chicken Biscuit:
Why in the fuck is Popeye’s now selling chicken biscuits? The only reason I can think of is because they want to compete with McDonald’s shitty chicken biscuit. It’s fucking Popeye’s Chicken AND Biscuits. It’s not a goddamn secret that they sell [...]

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