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Howie Mandel Demeans Women in 'Deal or No Deal' Thanksgiving Eating Contest [video]

On this past Friday's episode of Deal or No Deal, host Howie Mandel cheered on the case models as they Kobayashi'd their way through piles of Thanksgiving food.
Let it never be said that models don't eat. Or that Howie Mandel is a man above grabbing a chick by the hair and moving her face up [...]

Michael Laiskonis' Thanksgiving Strategy

Gourmet runs a story where Michael Laiskonis shares his "nontraditional" approach to Thanksgiving: he takes off the Wednesday before to roam the city and shop for food:
In the past few years I’ve developed a ritual that might scare the stuffing out of a Thanksgiving traditionalist: I not only do all my shopping the day before, [...]

Nutmeg Song from A Colbert Christmas: John Legend and Stephen Colbert [video]

John Legend and Stephen Colbert singing an ode to nutmeg and of its importance in egg nog, from A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!.

The Philadelphia Phillies' Hot Dog Launcher [video]

A brilliant, slickly-produced, tongue-in-cheek documentary about the Philadelphia Phillies' Hot Dog Launcher. With the help of the Philly Phanatic, hot dog maker Hatfield constructed a hot dog launcher that can shoot hot dogs (with mustard and relish) 100 to 200 feet into the stadium. Lovely:
What does a wheel mean to mankind? What does the landing [...]

Sopranos Soda: WTF

The Sopranos went off the air what, a year and a half ago? And yet for some inscrutable reason they have decided to start selling their own brand of soda. [via]

Things I Read This Week

But never had the time to tackle:
Gael Greene got kicked to curb, and everyone was like, saucy. [link]
There was some business about McDonald's patenting the sandwich, and everyone was like, right, uh-huh. [link]
A 2.15 pound white truffle couldn't sell, and everyone was like, economical. [link]
Burger King left wallets on the ground with money and coupons [...]

Michael Phelps, Subway Endorser

Michael Phelps, the super Olympian, whose endorsements of Frosted Flakes and McDonald's were denounced, has signed an exclusive fast-food contract with Subway, reports Ad Age.
Gotta love the marketing spin from Subway:
We knew Michael Phelps was a big fan of our sandwiches and we wanted to build on that with him to illustrate that Subway is [...]

Meat Processing, 1942 [photo]

We continue to mine Google's online photo gallery including millions of images from Life magazine's archives.
The photograph above, shot by Alfred Eisenstaedt in 1942, in Omaha, NE, is of "women working in meat processing and packing plant," apparently stuffing tubes of meat into tin cans.

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