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Hospitalis: The Restaurant Designed to Look Like a Hospital

Hospitalis ("Hospital") is a restaurant in Riga, Latvia, that is designed to look like — you guessed it! — a hospital. It also has an astonishing description/mission statement, with which Google Translate is only marginally helpful.
The two doctors. One of the oldest in Tbilisi cognac-making. 30 old cognac. The desire to eat tasty, pasmaidīt about [...]

Won't Someone Think of the Hot Dog Vendors?

General Motors, in looking for a bailout from the federal government, launched a website, GM Facts and Fiction. Trying to paint a dire picture of the country without GM, the website suggests that the collapse of the big three automakers would have a ripple effect across the economy, including shutting down hot dog vendors: [...]

30 Rock: Liz Lemon Knows Her Cupcakes [video]

Jack Donaghy might have declared that New York is "off cupcakes and onto doughnuts," but for Liz Lemon, some things are timeless:
77th and Amsterdam, 68th and Columbus, 125th and President Clinton Boulevard. Also, don't overthink it. Sarah Lee. Frozen. Unbelievable.
While decent cupcakes on 77th and Amsterdam are news to me (and I've never even heard [...]

The Global Economic Crisis Mug [food art]

Available for purchase from the Aquarium L-13 in London is the Global Economic Crisis Mug by STOT21stCplanB. The mug is from a line of hand-decorated teapots, cups and saucers, and jugs called the "New Austerity Range." The website informs us that "STOT21stCplanB have no formal training in the art of ceramics." £40.00!

Shaquille O'Neal, Twittering

For the last several months, an impostor was twittering as Shaquille O’Neal, so O'Neal did what any sensible, 7-foot-1, muscle-bound basketball star would do. He put his cyber foot down and started twittering himself as THE_REAL_SHAQ, the New York Times reports.
Pushing out updates at a rapid-fire clip from his phone, almost once an hour, often [...]

Robert Irvine Makes a Comeback, Returns to Dinner: Impossible [scandal]

After getting dumped from Food Network's Dinner: Impossible series in March following revelations that he'd "exaggerated" details of his resume, Robert Irvine is getting his show back, reports the AP.
His fabrications, according to the St Peterrburg Times, included: "He was a knight. He owned a castle in Scotland. He had cooked for presidents and royalty [...]

Offal, Back in Fashion in France

The Times UK reports:
The French offal industry, which produces 230,000 tonnes of food a year, has witnessed a 15 per cent rise in sales since the investment bank Lehman Brothers went out of business. French butchers have seen a 2.6 per cent fall in beef sales.
“It’s not that people have become a lot poorer in [...]

Sarah Palin Ignores Turkey Slaughter Behind Her During Interview [video]

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey at a processing plant. Afterwards, Palin took part in an interview, while a turkey butcher slaughtered turkeys in the background. According the MSNBC, the photographer asked Palin if she wanted such a gruesome scene as a backdrop, and she replied, "No worries."
Gotta love MSNBC's captions: "Turkey Killing [...]

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