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Obscene Kids' Candy - People Pops [video]

Michael Mozart, the product guru and toy inventor from Jeepers Media, boasting "over 10,700,000 TOTAL VIEWS on YouTube alone," posts a video reviewing the obscene kids' candy, People Pops:

McDonald's Celebrates Chicken McNuggets with 'Nuggnuts' Site

So here's a fact I was unaware of: I'm older than Chicken McNuggets. Apparently in 2008 the nuggets are celebrating their 25th birthday. McDonald's has seen fit to capitalize on this milestone achievement in the history of fried chicken-bits by launching a celebratory website. is completely baffling. It's billing itself as an "online fan community," [...]

James Beard Light Trails [photo]

This week, Google opened an online photo gallery that includes millions of images from Life magazine's archives dating from the 1860s to the 1970s.
The photograph above, shot by Arthur Schatz in 1972, is of author and chef James Beard "in the kitchen creating light trails a la Picasso with special spoon and time lapse [...]

Freakonomics: Bacon Defies Rational Choice

Justin Wolfers of the Freakonomics blog manages to turn bacon ice cream into a lesson on rational choice:
Bacon: Delicious! Ice cream: My favorite! The combination of bacon and ice cream: a direct threat to my views of economics.
You see, every bite was awful. It wasn’t even really good bacon; it was cheap bacon bits scattered [...]

Cooking Mama Responds To PETA

Majesco Entertainment issued a press release in response to PETA's recently released flash game, Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals. Written in a cheery tone on behalf of Mama herself, the press release highlights over 25 vegetarian-friendly recipes in Mama's latest game, Cooking Mama World Kitchen, out this week for the Nintendo Wii. "While Mama is [...]

Sexy Commercial for Stouffer's Lobster Newburg [video]

Whoah. Lobster Newburg is a dish you don't see that on menus these days, pretty much having vanished from our culinary knowledge. Conceived of in 1876, the original recipe called for the lobsters to be boiled, fried in clarified butter, and then simmered in cream while it reduced by half, then brought again to the [...]

Damian Allsop Breaks Back, Reinvents Chocolate

The Guardian UK runs a piece on Damian Allsop, of Buckinghamshire, England, who developed a highly-praised and secret technique for working with chocolate while convalescing from a serious back injury:
'I got this idea of the water. The science was there, but could I do it? Could I take everything I had learnt and rewrite it [...]

Map Mashup Madness

The Triumph of Bullshit did some crazy map mashups:
This map of the map of number of residents per Waffle House laid over the map of America’s racist belt laid over the map of 1860 cotton production laid over the map of 2008 election results clearly proves that either Waffle House is ground zero for racism [...]

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