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44 Step Guide to Butchering a Lamb Carcass

The Guardian UK has a great story on the "Lamb Club," a bunch of guys trying their hands at amateur butchery, including a 44-step slideshow guide illustrating how to break down a lamb carcass. Tim Hayward:
A while back I noticed that a tidy carcass from my favourite butcher cost about half as much as the [...]

Slashfood Writer 'Addicted' to Imitation Crab

A Slashfood writer is addicted to imitation crab, going so far as dipping the stuff in pesto:
It's so colorful and friendly, and you can buy it by the pound! Normally, I'm pretty averse to food that doesn't really look like ... food, but the juicy texture! The way it separates in my mouth! It's just [...]

The Bazaar by José Andrés in Los Angeles

Eater LA hit up the opening night of The Bazaar by José Andrés, and they say: "The best way to describe the whole concept: Gastronomic playground."

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine Coming February [print not dead yet]

As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate Sandra Lee, now comes word that she's fiddling while Rome burns.
The Post delivers an interesting compare-contrast. One one hand, there are the reported layoffs of 600 employees from Time, Inc., whose rate base declines and general media malaise means entire magazines are folding. On the [...]

NO NO NO NO: Restaurant Text Message Spam

LA Mag reports some seriously fucked-up news: a month after making a reservation at a West Hollywood restaurant, the restaurant sent the reporter a text message promoting a Thanksgiving dinner:
About a month ago I made a reservation at Apple Restaurant and Lounge in West Hollywood and, as usual, I gave them my cell number for [...]

New York Times Brings Confusion with 'Top Chef' Headline

The title of the story, "Another Top Chef Turns in His Michelin Stars," made me think for a second: Wait, there are multiple contestants from Top Chef with Michelin stars?
But no. It just turned out to be another story about Olivier Roellinger giving back his three Michelin stars.
So, when the Times doesn't recognize that [...]

The Hotdogger Blog

Oscar Mayer Mini Wienermobile and Wienermobile
The Hotdogger Blog, from "the guys and gals who drive the Wienermobile, criss-crossing the country, looking for bridges that are high enough to drive under so we don’t get stuck." On Flickr and Twitter, too. [via]

The Mermuffin

The New Yorker reports on a new Thanksgiving trend, the mermuffin:
The Turducken is old, old news. This year, why not try a Mermuffin? It is a mermaid stuffed inside a muffin stuffed inside a live puffin.

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