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30 Rock: New York Is 'Off Cupcakes and Back to Doughnuts' [video]

The inimitable Jack Donaghy, on last week's 30 Rock, brings Jennifer Aniston up to speed on the ever-changing city of New York:
Let's see, we’re using credit cards in cabs now. All the galleries have moved to Chelsea, and we’re off cupcakes and back to doughnuts.

Citysearch Takes on Yelp

Webware reports that "instead of focusing on a select number of metro areas, Citysearch has expanded to a whopping 75,000 towns and neighborhoods" while integrating Facebook Connect. Available now at

Mayor Bloomberg Rings in the Thanksgiving Season With a Giant Turkey Baster

From The Onion's story, "Thousands Gather For Stuffing Of Giant Rockefeller Center Turkey."

A Drum of MSG in Chinatown [picture]

XO Kitchen on Hester Street in Manhattan. [via]

Genetically Modified Food to Be Grown in Secret Locations in the UK

The Telegraph UK reports:
There are currently no GM food trials underway in the country and the more than 50 that have been conducted since 2000 have been affected by vandalism. Opponents of GM benefit from current rules, which dictate that all trials must be disclosed on a Government website.
However, a review of security arrangements for [...]

Belly Dragging for Pizza on The Sarah Silverman Program [video]

The Sarah Silverman Program is on fire! Not only did the latest episode include Sarah's housekeeper doing a Chris Farley/SNL/Matt Foley impression, a Mario Kart-esque go-kart race to decide who gets to adopt Sarah's baby, Andy Richter as a potential adoptive parent, but the episode featured Dick Van Dyke as an obstetrician who had his [...]

Bobby Flay on Recession Dining

In a New York Times piece on belt-tightening among the well-off, Bobbly Flay talked about how "ostentatious fare may look less tempting":
Not to take anything away from chefs who specialize in edible paper, pea shoots and fennel pollen, but I think classic American dishes with substance are what people will grasp onto.

The New Yorker 2008 Food Issue, ADHD Edition

James Surowiecki explains the entire global food crisis in seven easy to digest paragraphs!
Fuchsia Dunlop on Dai Jianjun’s “prelapsarian Chinese cuisine” – an awkward phrase that is hopefully not intended to conflate Our Lady of Localism Alice Waters with Our Common Mother Eve. (Print only)
Calvin Trillin on Texas Barbecue Rankings – A former rodeo clown [...]

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