Promo for Chopped, Food Network's Ripoff of Top Chef [video]

Food Network aired a commercial for Chopped, a new reality show coming in January — what they're calling "a new kind of weekly competition," where "talented chefs face off in a whole new way." Right.

Ted Allen is the show's host, which now makes a lot more sense as to why he's not on Top Chef any more. The judges are Alex Guarnaschelli, Aaron Sanchez, and Marc Murphy.

Face it: Food Network is totally trying to mimic Top Chef's more professional veneer, especially in the light of the more amateur-ish low-budget feel of The Next Food Network Star. Chopped has a different look from Top Chef — ooh wood and dark tones — and it seems like they're differentiating the show further by keeping each episode self-contained, with no long term arc.

Food Network's Chopped website only gives this information:

In this fast-paced food competition series, four talented chefs are put to the test of making an outstanding three-course meal. With a basket of limited ingredients and a ticking clock, competitors race to create an inventive appetizer, but at the end of the first round the judges will 'chop' the chef with the least successful dish. Three competitors move on to the entrée, and then another chef is cut. In the final round, the top two remaining chefs create a delicious dessert and head to the final judges table. After a final chopping, the last chef standing is named the winner.

Video: Promo for Chopped

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