Rachael Ray Having Vocal Cord Surgery

Here's some holiday cheer for you and the kids. People reports that Rachael Ray, the grotesquely perky boil on the face of food media [Hey, I kind of like her. –Ed.] will be having vocal cord surgery in December:

Though talking is big part of her job, Ray isn't worried about the surgery. "A lot of people have told me about the surgery and they say the hardest part is just being quiet," laughed Ray, who plans to carry a pencil and paper around to communicate with husband John Cusimano before she resumes taping The Rachael Ray Show in January. "I'm going to grow back the callous I had in grade school from writing."

While the alleged reason for the surgery is that Ray needs to get rid of a benign lump in her throat, we prefer to think of it as a medical intervention to get her to shut the hell up.

Update: Turns out the surgery has been postponed.

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