Regis Philbin as Gordon Ramsay, Kelly Ripa as Paula Deen on Halloween Show [video]

Regis Philbin as Gordon Ramsay' Kelly Ripa as Paula Deen, drinking oil with butter kebab in hand; Kelly Ripa as Paula Deen eating a butter kebab doughnut sandwich; orange clogs

It was celebrity chef central on this year's Halloween episode of Live with Regis and Kelly. Dressed up as Paula Deen, Kelly Ripa makes butter kebabs, and takes it to the logical Deen extreme by putting the butter kebabs in between two doughnuts.

And then Gordon Ramsay — I mean Regis Philbin* — comes out, swearing at the audience, in what Defamer astutely called "a spectacular uncorking of decades of bottled rage":

You viewers at home - what are you doing just sitting there? Hey idiots, I'm f*cking talking to you! Do you hear me donkey? We're gonna show you a recipe, and you're gonna do as I f*cking say!

As for other Big Toques On Campus, watch for Kelly Ripa's turn as a busty, spoon-licking Nigella Lawson and Regis as an Emeril Lagasse who's reduced to little more than repeated "Bam!"s. Skip past the short cooking segment with the actual Guy Fieri (boring) to get to the brilliant moment when "Gordon Ramsay" looks at "Mario Batali's" signature orange Crocs and tells him: "Why don't you get some fucking shoes, like a normal human being?"

*A little background: Regis Philbin and Gordon Ramsay have an ongoing playful semi-feud—in a previous appearance on the show, Ramsay told Philbin, "I'd like to confirm you're the biggest nightmare I've ever had in the kitchen."

Live with Regis and Kelly, Halloween 2008

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