Regis Philbin Works as a Starbucks Barista, Condescends to Customers [video]

As part of Live with Regis and Kelly's "Do It Week," Regis Philbin went to Starbucks to train as a barista. Entering his cranky old man phase, Regis can barely contain his disdain for the picky Starbucks customers: "A grande peppermint mocha twist? You got it big boy."

Condescendingly: "You're mister professional Starbucks aren't you? Pumpkin spice with one pump. Kids' temperature? That's really a drag. No wonder these Starbucks guys go nuts behind the counter."

Watch Regis just drip with sarcasm, telling a customer, "Hope you enjoy it, come back again real soon."

Video: Regis Philbin Works as a Starbucks Barista

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