NO NO NO NO: Restaurant Text Message Spam

LA Mag reports some seriously fucked-up news: a month after making a reservation at a West Hollywood restaurant, the restaurant sent the reporter a text message promoting a Thanksgiving dinner:

About a month ago I made a reservation at Apple Restaurant and Lounge in West Hollywood and, as usual, I gave them my cell number for the obligatory confirmation call. Then yesterday afternoon, I received this text message:

“Come to Apple Restaurant for Thanksgiving! Adults-$50. Kids- $42. Reservations 2pm-9pm.”

I called the restaurant to inquire and ask to be taken off the list, to which they replied, “We don’t have a list. We just sent the message out to anyone that has ever made a reservation.

We've never heard of this — is text message spam from restaurants common? Hit us up and we'll start building a shit list.

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