Ruhlman Complains About 'Irrational' Allergies, Starts Commenter Shitstorm

Michael Ruhlman, who himself is deathly allergic to nuts, rants about people's "fake" allergies, claiming they "stem from ignorance and fear and a generally food-neurotic culture," and calling all of us "a nation of culinary sissies":

What causes this irrational and senseless belief that our bodies react violently to any number of fruits and vegetables and livestock?

My favorite stories are from servers who tell of customers who claim to be allergic to dairy—so no milk, cream, or butter—and then order the cheese at the end of the meal.

People allergic to grapefruit? Or sweet peppers? Please. Fennel? Come on.

This unleashes a shitstorm from his commenters, who call Ruhlman out for being insensitive to people's legitimate allergies. Along with soundly debunking his grapefruit skepticism (anyone on statins can't have them) and the no-dairy-yes-cheese thing (many cheeses don't contain lactose), the commenters reveal their own oddball and unfortunate allergies to things like carrots, papaya, and the iodine in salt.

So Ruhlman backtracks, adding an update to his post, saying tee hee, whoopsies, "I'm no nutritionist."

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