Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine Coming February [print not dead yet]

As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate Sandra Lee, now comes word that she's fiddling while Rome burns.

The Post delivers an interesting compare-contrast. One one hand, there are the reported layoffs of 600 employees from Time, Inc., whose rate base declines and general media malaise means entire magazines are folding. On the other hand, there's the robust bottom line of Hoffman Media, who are hanging their hats on Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Magazine, an entirely meritless bimonthly built around Lee's gag-inducing combinations of mayonnaise, pre-cooked bacon, and frozen fruit juice.

So what's keeping the heavily-airbrushed Sandra Lee afloat? Her soullessness. No, seriously, this is not a woman who is on speaking terms with her personal integrity:

One factor that should help the magazine is Lee's tendency to call out brands.

The new mag will offer advertisers a chance to cash in on the shout-outs, but it will also mean bending the rules of the American Society of Magazine Editors, which frowns on mixing advertising and editorial content.

"We felt we'd do a disservice to her fan base by not allowing her to call out brands," said Hoffman. "Every recipe doesn't have a brand associated with it, but if she uses Hellman's mayonnaise in the salad, she says that."

[Hoffman Media head Phyllis] Hoffman also shrugs off the conflict with ASME.

"We're not members of ASME, and we've found that advertisers like the brand integration," she said.

The celebrity-branded food magazine world is already a crowded field, what with the recently-launched Food Network Magazine, Cooking with Paula Deen, and Every Day with Rachael Ray already on the newsstands. But since they're all selling like (pre-frozen) hotcakes, no one seems to care. No wonder America is so obese. We apparently have a bottomless appetite for crap.

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