Sarah Palin Ignores Turkey Slaughter Behind Her During Interview [video]

To celebrate Thanksgiving, Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey at a processing plant. Afterwards, Palin took part in an interview, while a turkey butcher slaughtered turkeys in the background. According the MSNBC, the photographer asked Palin if she wanted such a gruesome scene as a backdrop, and she replied, "No worries."

Gotta love MSNBC's captions: "Turkey Killing Fowls Palin Interview" and "Turkeys Die As Governor Palin Takes Questions From Media."

Part of the interview, transcripted:

This was neat. I was happy to get to be invited to participate in this... You need a little bit of levity in this job, especially with so much that has gone on the last couple of months, that has been, so political, obviously, that it's nice to get out and do something to promote a local business and, just to participate that isn't so heavy-handed politics that invites criticism. Certainly we'll probably invite criticism for doing this too, but at least this was fun...

I'll be in charge of the turkey - I'm where I need to be today to prepare for that.

Video: Sarah Palin Ignores Turkey Slaughter

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