Splatter Exhibition at the Aquarium in London, England [Food Art]

Well, crap — this show ended yesterday (November 8th, 2008). But here are some prints from Splatter, an exhibition by jCauty&SON at The Aquarium in London, England. (A little context: The Aquarium has also shown work by Banksy.) Splatter is a "multimedia assault and cartoon gift shop," exploring "the plausible impossibility of death in the mind of cartoon characters." It's sort of a twisted vision of the classic cartoon characters crossed with the gore of The Simpsons' Itchy & Scratchy Show. The show might be over, but you can still buy the prints! Check out the Splatter video, of the classic cartoon characters doing their thing, after the jump.

Video: 'Splatter' by J Cauty & Son

[via daring fireball]

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