Swallow Magazine, a New Food Magazine [print not dead yet]

Available at your fancier newsstands, Swallow Magazine is a new biannual food publication. The inaugural issue tackles the Nordic countries, with each subsequent issue destined to cover a different region or country. The website doesn't have any information, but from the magazine's introduction:

"This is Swallow Magazine, an experiment in how far a food magazine can go. Taking cues from outside the culinary realm, Swallow is a step away from the hubbub of 'foodie' faddism. Avoiding dull table talk, Swallow is a journal for those who like their dinner a little dirtier and a whole lot more exciting.

Taking inspiration from the high-design worlds of art and fashion [The whole country-by-country thing reminds me of Opening Ceremony –Ed.], the magazine combines short-form writing, interviews with chefs, bold typography, artwork, photo essays, and the obligatory nose-to-tail pig recipes.

Covering everything from candy packaging to pornography to some not-well-known aspects of Scandinavian gastronomy, Swallow is exciting and superbly put together, with a design that's sometimes reminiscent of Colors Magazine.

While the hardcover magazine packs tremendous value, 25 dollars is a lot to spend (one of the benefits of the high price is only two pages of advertising). If you've got the money to spare, pick it up, but don't dig into your food budget. Man cannot live on macro shots of herring alone.

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